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WEB Version January 2018

  1. Inventory parts: added a "type" property (part, tool or service) that, when confirming a maintenance or a work order, affects the quantity in inventory and/or the cost of parts in the management costs. Planning: added an option to view the tasks to be performed in monthly calendar format.

WEB Version December 2017

  1. Management: It is now possible to assign a logo per enterprise.
  2. Planning: Option to automatically reschedule an operation when it is completed.

WEB Version October 2017

  1. New inspection module to create questionnaires and assign them to equipment operations to validate maintenance compliance during confirmations.
  2. Work orders: It is now possible to add notes to work orders to track them.
  3. The date and time of receipt of the parts can now be changed.

WEB Version March 2017

  1. New equipment geolocation module.
  2. Inventory: it is now possible to assign one buyer per company.
  3. Added a WHMIS attribute to identify parts that contain controlled products.

WEB Version February 2017

  1. Work orders: New option to add a custom checkbox.

WEB Version January 2017

  1. New planning module.

WEB Version December 2016

  1. New option to choose to enter timesheets into work orders and/or maintenance operations.

WEB Version April 2016

  1. Service Requests: Added a column to display the person in charge in the list view.
  2. Work Orders : Added a column to display the category in the list view.
  3. Equipments: new option to activate the change history for operations
  4. Purchase Order: added a planned reception date.
  5. Purchase Order: new form to view the purchase order history.

WEB Version March 2016

  1. Update french help.
  2. Service requests: added a selection for a person in charge for each request.
  3. Service requests: added the creation time of the requests.

WEB Version February 2016

  1. New option to allow the deactivation of an equipment for storage or seasonal shutdown.

WEB Version January 2016

  1. The access for the profiles can now be restricted to multiple enterprises and departments.
  2. Service Requests : added options to track requests by email.
  3. Work Orders: added estimated times to perform the work.
  4. Added option to display work orders in calendar view.

WEB Version December 2015

  1. New chart for the analysis of management costs.
  2. Inventory : it is now possible to display the list of operations associated with a part.
  3. Added option to automatically create a request for off-site parts when creating a work order.

WEB Version October 2015

  1. Maintenances and work orders: it is now possible to enter detailed timesheets.
  2. Added a user option to print reports directly into PDF file.
  3. Purchase orders can be printed again once they have been sent to the suppliers.
  4. New option for confirming tools pickup when executing work orders.
  5. It is now possible to display the maintenances to do as 7 days calendar.
  6. A reason must be entered for the cancellation of work order or the denial of a service request.

WEB Version September 2015

  1. Added budget per department
  2. New service request module
  3. Maintenance List: added possibility to filter by profession.

WEB Version June 2015

  1. Added a user option to display the main menu horizontally or vertically.
  2. Improved playback of videos attached to equipment or work orders on Apple devices.

WEB Version May 2015

  1. Work Orders: print work order parts.
  2. Maintenance List: added a user option to display more maintenance per page.
  3. Added personalization of some of the terms: enterprise, department, location and equipment. This addition gives you the ability to have a software best suited to the structure and terms used daily in your company.
  4. Management costs per equipment report: added an option to include or not include in the report the parts used during the work.
  5. Mobile version for Android and IOS.

WEB Version April 2015

  1. Work Orders: print work order parts.
  2. Work Orders: added « carbon copy » field to send emails to another resource.
  3. Equipment: added access to operations list from equipment detail form .
  4. Equipment Operations: added estimated times to perform the operation.
  5. Equipment Operations: associate an operation to a profession.
  6. Resource Usage: new dashboard that indicates the needed daily resources for each profession.

WEB Version March 2015

  1. Human Resources: new "active" status for removing resources from selection list.
  2. Administration: added an option to show only one operation per page in the maintenance report.
  3. Profile management: it is now possible to limit access to a single department for a profile.
  4. Allow the addition of files to work orders.

WEB Version February 2015

  1. Added a function to create a copy of an equipment.
  2. Improved the print quality of logos.
  3. Operation management : added a report to display the list of equipment associated with an operationt.

WEB Version January 2015

  1. WEB version - Maintenance Directe software is offered in SaaS mode (Software as a service) allows the client to benefit the solution without having to install, manage and maintain a workstation or server.

Version 2014

  1. Software now definitely faster and bilingual while remaining friendly.
  2. The version for Windows XP is no longer available, Windows XP is no longer supported.

Version 2013

  1. Speed ​​improvement of various sectors of the software in its version 7.1.3 and additions following the suggestions of our customers.
  2. Bilingual software for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 versions.

 Version 2012

  1. Added filters in the drop-down menus work orders.
  2. Quick Search.
  3. Mandatory allocation of labor.
  4. Customizing headers reports: logo, company name, date.
  5. Bonus report management costs per machine.
  6. Added the part number of the provider.
  7. Security improvements.
  8. Improvement of access to software with profile creation rights.
  9. Added the editable purchase order field.
  10. Added liters machines files; having kilometers and hours already.
  11. Choice to view or not off-site parts in inventory management.
  12. Removing the input mask for phone numbers and postal codes to allow numbers and postal codes of other countries.
  13. Allowing four decimal for the price of parts and fluids.
  14. Customizing sending emails bids and purchase orders.
  15. Customizing sending emails to the person who receives requisitions.
  16. Added pieces that are not in the inventory purchase orders.
  17. Automation of the  purchase orders creator.
  18. Added detailed coordinates to human resources.

Version 2011

  1. Allow the addition of several file types to machines and machine operations.
  2. Link Added to open Internet and / or other browser software.

Version 2010 (2010-02-23)

  1. Overhaul of the software graphic interface.
  2. Allow the addition of photos and video machines and machine operations.
  3. Added a 3rd classification level (local).
  4. Allowing to enter the time of labour in the costs window.
  5. Added the length of the operation and cost of the operation in the maintenance history column.
  6. Added a profile for updating inventory quantities.
  7. Added a section to create purchase orders for the equipment to be controlled.
  8. Allowing to add labour time in the cost window.
  9. Added the length of the operation and cost of the operation in the maintenance history column.
  10. Added a profile for updating inventory quantities.
  11. Added a section to create purchase orders for the equipment to be controlled.
  12. Added the column manufacturer in the inventory list.
  13. Change the display order of suppliers according to their rank.
  14. Added the details of the location of the parts in the report of the maintenance schedule.
  15. Added the history of changes by release.
  16. Added the ability to automatically update the Software Maintenance DIRECT Internet.
  17. Allow printing work orders per lot.
  18. Help manage the association of parts to work orders.
  19. Allow to add the number of hours of wear since the last maintenance when adding operations associated with a machine.

4.6 (2009-08-01)

  1. Improvements in authentication security.

4.5.5 (2009-07-08)

  1. Changing the timeout;
  2. Expansion of the fields 'tidy' and 'tablet' in the inventory module;
  3. Update document installation specifications.

4.5.4 (2009-06-03)

  1. Change the title of the report consumer trend.

4.5.3 (2009-04-03)

  1. Changing the installation kit of the Internet version;
  2. Adding information when registering the software.

4.5.2 (2009-02-25)

  1. Improvements in the appearance of the software;
  2. Minor corrections.

4.5.1 (2009-02-19)

  1. Added the module management of human resources;
  2. Added information work orders in the logbook of the machine;
  3. Added information providers in some reports;
  4. Improvements in security installation.

4.4.0 (2009-01-21)

  1. Added ability to delete a management cost from the machine plug;
  2. Assignment of the date of confirmation of the related service costs and maintenance history;
  3. Removing the time in the date field of the report management costs.

4.3 (2008-12-15)

  1. Adding management priorities in operations;
  2. Added compatibility with Windows Vista
  3. Adding open authentication when browsing the management of work orders.