Reports list

Well cared for equipment meant to reduce repair costs, resulting in increased yield.

  • Maintenance schedule
  • Fiche machine
  • Logbook Machine
  • Machine list
  • Operation list
  • List of machine types
  • List of machine operations
  • List of wear operation per machine
  • List of machine operations including parts
  • Consumer trend (prediction and anticipation of use out of stock)
  • Parts list below the minimum
  • List of parts in inventory (in stock, on order, minimum, maximum and price)

Data specifications

Well cared for equipment meant to reduce repair costs, resulting in increased yield.

  • Multi Enterprises: maximum 999
  • Multi Departments : maximum 999
  • Number of machines by department: unlimited
  • Number of hours maintenance per machine: unlimited
  • Number of parts required per service schedule per machine: unlimited
  • Number of user per workstation : unlimited
  • Number of workstations per database: 255
  • Units of measurement of wear: Hours and / or days, Mileage and / or Days
  • Amount of operations per database: 98,000 (150 pre-configured)
  • Descriptive fields of operations may contain up to 255 characters
  • Quantity of machines type per database: unlimited (50 pre-configured)


Inventory module Option 

The Inventory module is an add-on to the Maintenance Directe software. It is used to identify parts, accessories, lubrication products, in short, all the elements necessary for the proper functioning of each machine.

The inventory module manages data to integrate to the scheduled preventive maintenance. You have to hand and all the information you need to perform maintenance on your equipment and your work environment.

Indeed, it is even possible to use the software for practical applications as the maintenance of buildings (painting, roof repairs, replacing light fixtures, regular inspection of air conditioning systems, smoke detection, fire extinguishing fire, etc..).

  • Quantity of suppliers: unlimited
  • Quantity of parts inventory: 99,999,999
  • Suppliers records and rank of preference: Yes
  • Filtering by combination of keys: Enterprise / Category / Parts
  • Inventory Minimum / Maximum and prediction use of parts

    Note: The number of days of prediction is programmable from 0 to 365 days